7 Steps to designing your perfect Wedding Rings


You’re probably going to be wearing your wedding rings for a lifetime and in some cases they’ll be passed on to be enjoyed for many more years within your family too. So how do you make sure they are designed to last but also designed to ensure you love them just as much in years to come, whilst being comfortable with what it all costs?


1. Do a bit of research

You can get lots of ideas from Instagram, Pinterest and talking to friends and family. Be aware that whilst certain designs might be trending right now, it’s also sensible to balance that with what you’re going to continue to love as you go through life.


2. Try on examples

Just like with clothes it makes a massive difference actually trying on different ring designs as even the smallest difference in width, height or profile can make a big difference to how it looks and feels on your finger and along with other jewellery you’re already wearing too. You might want your wedding ring shaped to fit around your engagement ring - it’s our job to make them look like they were made for each other.


3. Be an engineer for a moment 

Have a think about your lifestyle and what you do wearing your rings, they get more of a battering than you realise. There are clever ways to beef up finer sections and to work the metal to make sure your design is up to every day wear and tear.  It’s also well worth understanding the different metal choices too from platinum, all the gold alloys, titanium and palladium too.



Everything can be tailored to exactly how you want it; beading can be added or removed, diamonds or perhaps coloured gem stones can be set in many different ways, vintage designs can have a bit of an edge of metal added to it to make it more robust and contemporary, secret messages can be engraved on the inside and patterns can be carved into the outside of your ring.


5. Price with no limits

Everyone has a budget they are comfortable with, with a bespoke ring things can be tailored not just to suit you and your life but your budget too.  It’s good to understand what a plain band costs in your preferred metal choices and then have a break down for all the different finishes, then you can have a play with options.


6. Remodel your old jewellery

Knowing your new rings are made using metal or gemstones from pieces passed down through the family can be really very special.  Most precious metals can be expertly remodelled by a master goldsmith and it’s a lovely way to create new memories from old ones.


7. Help make your own rings

Being able to say “I designed & MADE my wedding rings” is super special! At Petra Jewellery we have a brilliant on-site workshop where you can have a go at making your ring with our very talented and patient goldsmith in a personalised Workshop Experience. We can help you with all of this and get you started on your personal design journey with a free Champagne Design Experience, all you need to do is get in touch!



James & Emily

The Petra designers were very informative and approachable with excellent knowledge and customer service. Very impressive!
— James
Pictured here on their free celebratory photoshoot with our brilliant photographer Alistair Jones.

Pictured here on their free celebratory photoshoot with our brilliant photographer Alistair Jones.



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