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At Petra Jewellery, we are feeling the full impact of being in lockdown so we completely understand how dark and lonely the world can seem. However we want to encourage our wonderful customers not to concentrate on the things you can't control, but instead concentrate on the things you can!

This is where we come in. Isolation is the perfect opportunity to finally find time to dig out your jewellery box, have a rummage through and make decisions on what to keep, repair, and remodel into new and exciting pieces of jewellery.

We can then bring some sparkle back into your life by providing an online design consultation, where we can discuss anything from resizing a ring, to fixing a broken chain, to melting down a collection of old pieces to create a bespoke design just for you.

Just follow these simple steps to book your remote consultation now!

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First we need to find a slot that suits you and your schedule. To do this you need to log onto your computer, tablet, phone (or whatever device you use) and log onto the internet.

Then type our website into the search bar at the top -

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This will take you to the front page on our website. Please feel free to have a browse at our online shop, case studies and other content, but when you are ready just click the 'book an appointment' button in the centre of the screen.

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This will take you to the page where you can select a date to book your appointment. The dates in blue are the dates that we have appointments available. Simply click on the day that works best for you :)

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Once you have clicked on a day, you will see the time slots available on that day pop up on the right hand side of the screen. Simply select the time that you wish to have your appointment.

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Once you are happy with the time you have selected, click the button that says 'confirm'.

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You will then be taken to a screen where we need you to fill in some details. Everything with an * next to it needs to be filled in, and please make sure that your contact details are correct so that we can contact you if we need to. Once you are finished you need to click the schedule event button at the bottom of the screen, but remember this won't work until you have filled in all of the sections required :)

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Once you have popped in your details and clicked the schedule event button, a screen will appear confirming your appointment. Please make sure all the details are correct, then you are all booked in!

On the day of your appointment, half an hour before your allocated slot, please visit our blog on ‘How to join your remote consultation’ :)

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Established in 1979, Petra Jewellery is an independent family jewellers based in Basingstoke, run by mother/daughter duo Petra and Mitch.  We make all our jewellery in the UK and source our stones from only the very best fair trade dealers in Hatton Garden. All Petra wedding rings come with a lifetime guarantee and free annual cleaning.


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