Metal advice


Sometimes it might be really clear what the right metal is for you… and other times you might be choosing from a whole range of options from silver, different gold alloys through to palladium and platinum.

We’re here to help you make the right choice; it’s important to us that you understand the differences between different metal options in terms of their colour, how they wear over time and what best suits your design too.

Cost often comes in to it too but we often find if you’re comfortable you’re making an informed decision, taking everything in to account, that cost isn’t always the main factor.

metal advice.jpg

To make the best quality wedding rings possible, the metal is rigorously kneaded (a bit like dough) and then squashed in all directions to give it the highest hardness grade possible.

We have our very own ‘Petra Profile’ and can adapt any design so it’s exactly what you want too.

And your white gold is guaranteed never to go yellow because we add more white metal into the alloy.