After School Jewellery Design Club


We are excited to launch our new After School Club for young people to learn about Jewellery Design from home! We have created a series of fun video tutorials which talk you through how you work out what to design and how to get it onto paper.

This should keep you busy for about 20-30 minutes a day for a week, but if you are really keen you can do them all back to back. Then you’re more than ready to enter our Children’s Lockdown Design Competition! There’s a link to enter on this page too.

VIDEO #1 Welcome to the club!

Mitch, owner of Petra Jewellery in Basingstoke explains how her Jewellery Design After School Club works with help from her daughter Heidi and Banjo their springer spaniel.

We have created a few downloadable Worksheets for some of the tutorials to help you on your design journey. These are FREE and print friendly. Simply click on the links and they will open in a new window for you to print out.

VIDEO #2 Getting started…

What you need to get started with trying to draw your first jewellery designs? Some paper and a pencil is all you really need, some colouring pencils and a ruler is nice too.

VIDEO #3 what type of jewellery?

Mitch & Heidi talk you through all the different types of jewellery.

A bangle, or a bracelet, a pendant, a ring, brooch, cufflinks - there is actually quite a long list of design options. It helps to think about this before you start drawing.

VIDEO #4 Who is it for?

Are you designing for you or someone else?

VIDEO #5 what style?

Modern or traditional? Simple or detailed? We’ll take you through a simple way to work out answers to these questions so you establish the ‘style’ of your design.

Here’s your first free downloadable worksheet, just click on the link and then print it out.



Here you get to start drawing! We are starting with circles because they are needed so often in jewellery design so it’s a great skill to practise!

VIDEO #7 size matters!

More circle drawing for you, this time to scale and testing out different size options with a bit of cutting out involved too.

VIDEO #8 adding colour with gems!

One lovely way to add sparkle and colour to your design is by including gem stones. Here’s an introduction to the world of gems with some interesting facts about birthstones.

You can read more about each birthstone on our website and if you scroll to the bottom of each individual gemstone pages there’s a link to a PDF Birthstone Fact Sheet which you can read digitally or print out if you prefer.

VIDEO #9 drawing gem stones part 1

So now you have some ideas about all the different gemstones on offer (and there’s many, many more too) you’re going to start drawing them as they also come in lots of different shapes and sizes. There’s another worksheet for both part 1 & 2 of this video tutorial.

VIDEO #10 drawing gem stones part 2

Watch this video and use the worksheet to learn to draw your first ring design! Then have a play with laying out stones into a flat piece of metal - perhaps a pendant, it can be any shape you fancy.


The precious metals we use to make jewellery come in different colours and have different properties, here’s a quick and easy way to work out what colour metal suits someone.

VIDEO #12 adding engravings

Some people like really plain designs, other want something with a bit of detail on it and a brilliant way to personalise a piece of jewellery is to add detail by engraving onto it.


You must feel pretty ready now to start working on your jewellery design?! All you need to do is go to our competition page and enter, it’s FREE and easy with some AMAZING PRIZES inlcuding the chance to have your design actually made!



that’s it for now!

I hope you have enjoyed our Design Club so far…

Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions for future content!

Mitch Lloyd