Our NHS Angels - The Story


To say ‘Thank you’ to the NHS, to key workers all round, to keep design & manufacture going, to Jenny McGee and Luis Pitarma, to our Prime Minister, to our Government, to our Nation, a clear message, we are fighting on and #SharingtheSparkle every step of the way!

Here is the story behind our fabulous NHS Angel Collection…

How it all started:

Regardless of our political orientation, I think many of us were moved by Boris Johnson’s speech coming out of hospital having had Covid-19. He thanked the NHS for saving his life and in particular mentioned two nurses that were by his side throughout his time in itensive care; Jenny McGee and Luis Pitarma.



I watched, with a little tear in my eye and then, with astounding clarity, had an image of an angel pop into my head. It was a drawing of an angel design I’ve actually been thinking about creating for years, but the timing and significance of my mental call to action really impacted me.

So I made myself a coffee and sat down and within a couple of minutes I had the design sketched out. It was easy. I’d gone over and over it in my head for so many years thinking ‘one day I’ll make it’. Now was the right time.


I quickly sent my design by What’s App to our brilliant goldsmith Behzad and asked if he thought he could make it in our on-site workshop. Normally for more sculptured, 3D designs, we’d use a big casting manufacturer, but they are closed during lockdown! It’s quite labour intensive doing this sort of thing in a small set up, but one thing we have now is plenty of TIME!

Behzad carved my design by hand from wax with several alterations being What’s app’d backwards and forwards until I confirmed I was happy with everything. I guess that’s the problem with having such clarity on a design. I knew exactly what she needed to look like!



We created two solid silver angels with gold halos and made them into pendants. Both have been engraved on the back with


I wanted to give two of our angels to our Prime Minister Boris Johnson to gift to Jenny and Luis. I know it’s something they will treasure forever.

I included in my letter to No. 10 Downing Street a message to our Goverment and our Nation, that small businesses are also doing our bit to win the battle agaisnt the corona virus.

We posted our rather special parcel on Friday 15th May and keeping our fingers crossed they are passed onto the Prime Minister by his team.
— Mitch, owner of Petra Jewellery




Thank you for reading our story and helping us in



Our NHS Angels are the perfect gift to show someone you appreciate their love and care.

We are donating £40 for every silver design and £60 for every gold design we make to NHS charities*.

There are several different designs within our Angel Collection and all of them can be personalised especially for you and we can also use your inherited metal too.
— Mitch Lloyd (Owner, Petra Jewellery)

You can have a browse of our angel designs online, they are availabe to pre-order and take 2-4 weeks to make:

*During the covid lockdown

Mitch Lloyd