Mitch joins the debate panel on Sky News!


Owner of Petra Jewellery and mother Mitch Lloyd joined the big Brexit debate on Sky News this week following Theresa May's speech to the nation.

Will the Prime Minister’s plans make Britain a fairer place?

I’m really looking forward to hearing her plan and an element of certainty for my business and for my family.

The daughter of a German mother who established her family business Petra Jewellery, European sentiments are in Mitch’s DNA. Mitch voted REMAIN in the election and after ‘six months of silence’ from the government and was enthused by Theresa May’s speech.

She reassured me… I think there was an element of fear when we heard the results of the vote. I feel a lot more comfortable now having had the opportunity to listen to our new prime minister. There’s been silence for six months and I’m now feeling a lot more positive.

Mitch is passionate about trading with European Unioners:

Our sovereignty is important, but we can’t necessarily have it all our way… We now have a lot of negotiating to do and that might mean we have to contribute to some of the deal.
Stephanie Williams-Caller