Camilla had an inherited engagement ring from her lovely fiancé that she absolutely loved.

The ring itself meant so much to her and her partner, the only thing is that the design wasn’t quite to her taste. This can happen with inherited rings. The metal and stones can be very sentimental, but the actual design is just a little bit out of date.


After a design experience with our manager Natalie, the three of them came up with a design that kept the essence of the original ring, but just modernised it sightly.

Due to the intricate detailing on the ring, we then went away and got a CAD design completed, which is shown below. We did several variations, with different amounts of stones, and this is the final design that Camilla chose.

Screenshot 2020-12-18 at 11.31.52.png

We then got to work making the beautiful ring. A wax mould was created and the old gold from the original ring was melted and used to create the new one.

Then the stones were hand set by our master setter, and the ring was hallmarked and finished.


The finished ring is a beautiful re-design of the original piece. It still holds its glory and essence, but is just slightly more modern to suit Camilla’s style.

The under carriage is designed to have a floating effect, which has turned out beautifully.


When Camilla and her fiancé came to collect the ring, they were both over the moon. Camilla said that it was more beautiful than she had ever imagined, and now she can finally show off her stunning engagement ring!

Photo 20-11-2020, 15 38 51.jpg

Congratulations to the future Mr and Mrs!

Photo 20-11-2020, 15 40 09edit.jpg

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