David and Susan


Several years ago, David bought Susan an absolutely stunning ruby for their 40th Wedding Anniversary from us.

The plan had always been to get it set into a stunning design, but life, as ever, got in the way. 6 years later they were finally able to find the time to come and see us!



They booked a design appointment with our Manager Natalie, during which Susan explained that she wanted the new ring to closely replicate her existing wedding band, but with the ruby set into it.

Together they came up with a beautiful design that incorporated the original band, shown below, but with a contemporary rubover setting to hold the stone.


Our goldsmith Behzad then got to work on making the ring.

As the design contains white, rose and yellow gold, Behzad built three separate rings to then solder perfectly together to make the one solid band.


Once the bands had been soldered together into one, he got to work adding the setting for the ruby.

A rubover setting not only looks amazing, but is by far the most secure setting for your stones. It fully encases the gemstone to ensure that it is as fully protected as it can be from coming into contact with anything that might damage it on a day-to-day basis.


The ring was then sent to our setter to set the ruby perfectly in place, and then to our engraver to engrave the leaf shapes to match the original wedding ring.

Below is an image of the finished ring next to the original wedding ring.


David and Susan were over the moon with the finished piece.

We also shared the photo file with David of all of the progress shots of Behzad making the ring, which he has gone on to share with his friends and family.


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