Diana came into see the Petra team before Christmas to discuss having a replica signet ring made for her granddaughter Poppy’s birthday.

Dianna had a solid gold cigarette case that she had inherited and thought it would be nice to use the gold from that to create a new signet ring. 


During her design appointment with Beth they spoke about different shapes and sizes of signet rings. Beth showed Diana different examples of signet rings with different table shapes and Diana feel in love with the traditional oval shaped signet ring. 


Once the design had been confirmed it was given to our inhouse goldsmith Behzad for him to work his magic on and turn the gold cigarette case into a beautiful signet ring. 


 Behzad decided to use sand clay casting method to create Poppy’s signet ring. This is a popular technique used by goldsmiths to create beautiful solid signet rings as it allows them to create the perfect shape while being very cost effective to the customer. 

Our master goldsmith Behzad began by making a wax cast of Poppy’s new signet ring. The cast was made in the exact measurements and specifications for Poppy’s new ring.


Behzad then pressed the wax mould into the sand to form the shape of the signet ring. Once Behzad had prepared the cast the gold was then heated up and poured into the mould to create poppy’s signet ring. 

Once the signet ring had been made it was then sent to out hand engraver Ian for him to make a replica reverse seal engraving to match Diana’s signet ring.


Diana was over the moon with the finished signet ring and was very excited to gift it to her granddaughter Poppy.


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