Karon and Sean


Karon and Sean came in to see our designer Beth for a Champagne Design Experience. Sean was looking to have a bespoke ring made to gift Karon for her birthday. 

Prior to coming in Sean had already spotted a ring that he liked the style of in the shop and spoke with Beth about how the ring can be altered to make it more bespoke. 



During the design appointment Karon showed our designer Beth a few different examples of different bubble stacking rings that she had seen online and also had a looked at a few different samples we had in the shop to work out what she liked and dislikes.

 Karon was very clear that she didn’t want diamonds in her ring and loved oranges and greens and unusual shaped stones. With this in mind Beth went away and put together some design drawings and order in a selection of beautiful gem stones for both Karon and Sean to view. 


Karon and Sean came in during the November lock down and experienced our alfresco shop. Karon and Sean both instantly fell in love with the cushion shaped stones and after much deliberation fell in love with a gorgeous peridot, Citrine and smoky quartz.

These gems had a lot of life in them and together looked beautiful. 

Photo 18-11-2020, 10 02 50.jpg

Once Karon and Sean had chosen their stones and finalised the design it was given to our in-house goldsmith Behzad to start building. 

Behzad started by making three thin bands which collectively would join together to make one ring. Due to the size and shape of the stones Behzad had to had make three individual settings all made perfectly to fit Karon’s stones.

Photo 18-11-2020, 12 37 26.jpg

Once Behzad had created the three bands and collects that would make up the ring, he started to assemble the ring which proved to be slightly trickier than we initial anticipated.

Along with guidance from Beth they worked together to come up with a solution that would work to the design spec.

Photo 18-11-2020, 14 49 16.jpg

Once Behzad had worked his magic to create the mount for Karon’s ring, we then sent it to one of our expert setter to rub-over set these beautiful gemstones.

I think we can all agree the finished ring is stunning and both Karon and Sean were left speechless when the ring was unveiled.


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